Meet the Film Stars

Remington Hartley has the world by the tail. He’s enigmatic, handsome, and has successfully turned his business into an empire. Manhattan’s boulevards are filled with tantalizing imagery of him and his Film Stars—a group of devastatingly gorgeous men—in every conceivable situation: shirtless, wet, working out, climbing mountains, and in thousand-dollar suits.

But things may not be what they seem.

Agent Mackenna Brennan has been sent to work at Hartley’s business, Men on Film. First, she has to get the job. Second, she has to discover whether Remington Hartley is using his wealth and status to trade top secret information to America’s enemies.

She discovers the hard way that Mr. Hartley has many secrets—and that they share an attraction which might jeopardize her entire operation. Will she find enough evidence to turn him in to the authorities? Or will the whole thing blow up in her face?