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A new Thriller ebook.

If you love the danger, intrigue and death defying escapes of The Latvala Royals, then consider this tale of espionage, goverment angencies and the woman with a unique gift trapped in the cross hairs.

Satellite Eyes

Book 2 of The Starsight Series

Satelite Eyes - Ebook

She’s the only thing standing between freedom and the fall of the US government.


Summer Hayes thought her days of running were over.

At least for a little while.

But her ability to remote view the past, present, and future make her a dangerous, sought-after asset. Just after settling into a hidden location beneath a mountain, she suddenly finds herself flushed from her safe haven into the arms of the enemy. Under duress, she is forced into a remote viewing session that yields a startling target: the President of the United States.

After a harrowing escape and a reunion with her bodyguard Isaiah James, Summer returns to America only to learn that the danger isn’t over yet. There is a much more sinister plot afoot, one that could change the trajectory of the country forever.

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