The Royals Book 7 On Sale!

The Royals Book 7 is Now on Sale!

A King’s Crusade

A King's Crusade - Ebook Small

The king and queen of Latvala are pitted against the most dangerous adversary they’ve ever faced: mother nature. Sander must make his way back across the frozen hinterlands to Chey, fighting against whiteouts, frigid temperatures, and possible traitors in their camp. Danger lurks around every corner.

Chey battles social unrest, mutiny and anarchy as she struggles to keep Kallaster castle in working order during Sander’s absence. When she finds herself and her children thrust blindly into a blizzard, she looks to the ancient sovereigns of Latvala for help.

Find out whether the king reunites with his queen or whether both succumb to the ravages of winter in book 7 of the Royals series.

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